These rates above are realistic sample rates, so in some (but not necessarily all) cases, they may differ depending on e.g. the creditworthiness, maturity or specific loan terms of the borrowers.

Some lenders offer fixed monthly costs instead of interest.

What is a Private Loan?


Borrowing is done in the form of a so-called. money loans for individuals. The difference between a traditional bank loan is that in this case it concerns unsecured loans, whereas traditional loans often require collateral or creditor. The synonym for private loans has historically been lent loans, but today many lenders and banks communicate that these are loans explicitly to private individuals. This type of loan is intended primarily for consumption.

Ordinary private loans usually land on a few thousand dollars, upwards of several hundred thousand USD, although smaller private loans are by far the most common. The major banks recognize that they pose greater risks when lending without collateral to private individuals, so this entails higher interest rates. Normal interest rates can, for example, be 4% – 20%, with the exception of rogue lenders.

On September 1, 2018, a ceiling for so-called high-cost credits was introduced. It must not be more than 40 percentage points higher than the reference rate. This interest rate ceiling was aimed not least at lenders offering so-called quick loans, since they were known for their usury and hence widely criticized. This legislation has its effect in both fast loans and private loans.

For private loans, payments are made in the form of normal installments, which usually come with an invoice. In addition to the interest rate, different types of fees apply to some lenders. It can, for example, These include setup fees or notification fees. In this case, this involves pure costs and nothing that is included for repayment of the loan. These costs often cover the lender’s own needs and costs such as administration and the like.

Vision – Best in Sweden on loan


This site I created with an ambition to be the best in Sweden on private loans and comparison of loans in general. I wanted to come up with something that really stands out. Here I hope to be able to collect good and cheap private loans for Swedish borrowers.

Here you have the opportunity to lend larger amounts, many times with better interest rates than if you apply for more short-term credits such as instant loans. Blank loans, quick loans, credit card credits and so on have worse reputation. This is something that in some cases (but not always) is justified as there are actors who are not serious. Longer repayment time is another reason, as you can repay at your own rate up to 15 years at most…

Here are 5 reasons to avoid the big bank:

  • Option that excludes UC
  • Easier to be granted loan even with notes
  • Many times money directly into the account
  • Borrowing money from home, simple and easy
  • No creditor or security is required

The process of hiring a physical bank official to investigate, sometimes on the spot, can be time-consuming and troublesome. However, if you take a private loan, you can get the money many times almost directly into the account.

If you are looking for quick money, short maturities and smaller amounts, you can apply for a fast loan.

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